Tuesday, May 19, 2009

made with love...

this week i am crossing off my to-do list with the help of my nearest and dearest, chelsea cook and amy merrick. crafting extravanganzas have ensued, coupled with netflix watch instantly movie marathons.

amy has been tirelessly cutting out fabric squares for my wedding guest quilt book. my obsession with quilts officially began in 2006, upon seeing the gees bend quilt exhibit at the high museum in atlanta with my fibers class in 2006. i think i cried throughout the whole exibit. the colors. the fabrics. the stories. the modern art without realizing it was modern art. it was perfect. not an ounce of pretension. just function and love.

kind of like a marriage.


  1. aw, those quilts are beautiful.

  2. My friend did that for her wedding and it turned out to be so lovely. I think it's such a fab idea!