Monday, May 25, 2009

he smells like whiskey, musky soap and hay...

on my last day off eddie and i made our way to cb i hate perfume to select our wedding gift to each other. unfortunately the ever elusive nose behind the brand was unavailable at the time to create custom scents for us. instead we sniffed through his collection of accords to concoct our own layered, personalized "wedding day scent". ed was a real good sport, considering this man never wears anything other than whatever kind of deodorant smells good at the drugstore.

we smiled and played "guess this scent" as we made our way through his scent library. favorites were baby's butt, wet stone, cloudburst, "you know this.." which is actually a spot on bottled version of play dough. we finally decided on selecting elements from our wedding, so that every time we wear our scents we will be transported back to this wonderful day.

i chose porcelain and red velvet cake.

he chose whiskey and musky soap, aka "hot man smell".

and we are sharing hay.


  1. I'm so jealous. I read about this place only after I left New York.

    I love the idea of having a perfume specially for the big day - smell takes you back in time faster than anything else doesn't it?

  2. luckily, you can buy most of the scents online! all of them smell pretty amazing.

  3. that sounds amazing. I bought my mother "At the Beach 1966" because she grew up on the Jersey Shore in the 60s and she said after an hour, it smelled like the boardwalk when she was six. So cute.

  4. fantastic. i bet the elusive CB is proud.