Friday, May 8, 2009

here comes the bride(zilla)...

hilarious. adorable. precious. utterly comical to think i wouldn't turn into a bridezilla before the big day! ha! i had been so good up until the final month. now even the tiniest thing gone wrong seems to send my world into a tailspin.

at least i have some good-natured brides to look up to...and try and channel their inner loveliness. i have also just recently fallen under the spell of vintage glam blog. a wonderfully inspirational blog for gals who were born in the wrong decade. you know who you are.

my sweet mother, at the age of 19 when she married my father. they were 8th grade westminster school sweethearts too.

my grandmother on her wedding day. she is approaching 102 and continues to amaze me.

a sweet flapper bride, courtesy of amy merrick. she knows me so well!

three more weeks to go...and many miles before i sleep!

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