Thursday, April 23, 2009

you've got to hide your love away...

source: the unicorn diaries

is it too late to create a hope chest? i hope not! the ever so charming unicorn diaries posted these photos and i nearly jumped up with excitement. i have several old trunks and suitcases-i bet i can wrangle up one before i get hitched! any ideas on what i should include? i'm creating a mental checklist-feel free to chime in!


  1. hey ginny i read about your hope chest, and i think it's such a lovely idea. maybe you could put in something like a dress that's very meaningful to you, like maybe whatever you were wearing when you and your future husband got engaged. or maybe a headband you used to think was your absolute favorite when you were younger. what about maybe like a picture of your most favorite place?

  2. those photos are so gorgeous. maybe include some really good sheets that smell yummy?

  3. my mother had a hope chest; I sincerely doubt she used it in the proper sense, but now it's filled with my report cards and childhood drawings, which is a sweet endgame, if you think about it.