Thursday, April 23, 2009

crimson and clover...

when i was a teenager, i obsessively collected demeter fragrances. honeysuckle(my spring favorite), snow, altoids, cake batter, dirt, cinnamon toast (during the fall), laundromat, violet, belladonna and many more.

from 17 until it recently ran out, i exclusively wore michael kors signature scent. it is still my all-time favorite. i dabbled in kiehls musk, introduced to me by amy merrick.

now i am revisiting my play days with scents. cb i hate perfume is so charming, romantic, nostalgic, and enchanting. all of my favorite things. my sister, amy branch, has been telling me to go for years and i finally made the pilgrimage to his williamsburg shop. he got me. hook. line. and sinker. to see a flower is my spring and summer 09 scent. and i love eternal return/ and under the arbor/in the summer kitchen ( i wish all were room sprays). but i selected walking in the air to spray over the bed sheets. a combination of snow and clean sheets. to put it very plainly.

the best part. you can buy it at his online shop in travel sizes for a fraction of the cost. recession friendly and helpful if this is not carried in your town. lucky for me, i am a short train ride away!

and how cute would these be as bridesmaid gifts? or birthday gifts? or just to say "hey i think you are great" gifts.

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