Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cherie amour...

this might be my favorite wedding i have ever seen. it is so ethereal and organic. not too themey or kitschy. just magic. i want to live in these photographs. their wedding website is also the most creative, quirky one yet. i love little miss scout holiday, don't you? cheri and david, if you lived in nyc i would try and coerce you to go on double dates with ed and i. i sure would.


  1. Ohh, that is simply lovely! Beautiful photos.

  2. I -love- this! I'm planning to get married in April and I want to have a backyard wedding... This is so charming. I love the random flowers/ glass bottles and I especially love the lights and balloons. Totally dreamy!

  3. Gorgeous! Have you seen this also gorgeous one?!


  4. Thanks for posting my photos.
    To see more, got to: http://www.jamesryang.com/blog

  5. solar oven:

    yes!!!! with carly simon as a guest? can you imagine? she is my momma's favoritest female singer.

    james: sir, you are most welcome! gorgeous photos and what a gorgeous wedding! well done!

  6. Wow, that is now my dream wedding ! Another 10 years............................